Weerasak Chunharungroj

Weerasak Chunharungroj

Customs & Supply Chain

Bolliger & Company Consulting Ltd.
Bangkok, Thailand

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Mr. Weerasak Chunharungroj

provides support on international trade matters, customs laws and regulations, excise tax rules and regulations, as well as logistics management. He is a key coordinator with the Thai Customs & Excise Department. His clients include major companies in the automotive, electronics and food industries. He has provided advice on customs valuation and customs procedures for importation, customs privileges, and conducted documentary review for customs compliance purposes. In the Customs bonded warehouse area, he has conducted customs review, identified customs exposure for clients using customs bonded warehouse privileges, as well as assisted clients in identifying the costs and benefits of using a customs free zone. He has also assisted a motorcycle assembling company in setting up a manufacturing bonded warehouse.

Prior to joining Bolliger & Company, he was a former assistant manager in the Tax & Legal Services Division of KPMG Thailand, where he had vast experience in assisting and advising clients on a variety of customs issues, including appeal to the Thai Customs Department with regard to the import price using GATT valuation methodology. He is accredited as a customs specialist by the Thai Customs Department.


Customs Specialist Certified by Thai Customs Department
Bangkok University, Thailand, B.B.A., Accounting


English, Thai

Relevant Experience

  • Provided advice to clients in various industries on import-export procedures and various customs compliance matters including tariff classification, customs valuation, import licensing requirements and duty implications under Customs laws.
  • Conducted feasibility study and provided advice on optimal selection and utilization of different types of tax incentives schemes in Thailand to align with the nature of client businesses and their industries.
  • Provided advice on the criteria and procedures for claiming the duty drawback under Section 19 bis and duty refund under tariff reduction and tariff exemption privilege under the Marrakesh Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization.
  • Advised and assisted clients in automotive and electronic industries in applying for and securing official customs rulings on tairff classification and official rulings on customs valuation.
  • Participated in review and assessment on the controlling systems of the entire Public Customs Bonded Warehouse in Thailand, in order to provide a report to Customs Department on strengths and weaknesses as well as recommendations for future improvement.
  • Provided advice to several clients on operational procedures in export processing zone (“EPZ”) and/or CFZ to assist them to comply with relevant laws and regulations for the export processing zone and/or customs free zone (e.g., inventory control, criteria for establishment and operating, application procedure for establishing/operating in the EPZ/CFZ and procedures for importing/exporting goods into and out of the EPZ/CFZ).
  • Assisted clients in automotive industries, cosmetic industry, spectacle lens industry in the process of application for Customs Free Zone (“CFZ”) establishment license and CFZ operator license, as well as recommended guidelines and operational procedures for all CFZ business transactions to ensure smooth operation and optimal utilization of the CFZ privilege.
  • Represented clients in reviewing manufacturing cost statements and local content percentage of finished goods to ensure that they meet the eligibiltiy criteiria for duty reduction under CFZ regulations.
  • Assisted several clients in the procedures for filing appeal on tariff classification and customs valuation against the customs duty assessment notices.
  • Assisted clients in developing defending strategies and justifications with Customs authorities in the process of resolving the case claimed by Customs for clients under Customs post-audit scheme and clients under investigation of the Investigation and Suppression team.
  • Coordinated with relevant government agencies such as Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Industry Department of Science Services and Chamber of Commerce to advocate the amendment of laws and policy to relax the import licensing requirement for clients in chemical industry.
  • Arranged seminars and training on general knowledges of customs rules and regulations as well as tax privileges and FTAs for importers and exporters.
  • Conducted a customs documentary review for clients in various industries, particularly, automotive, chemicals, electronics, steels, etc. in order to ensure their compliance with customs requirements, identify risk exposures and provided recommendations to minimize customs duty risks.
  • Provided advice to clients on various international trade matters, supply chain and cross border transactions, as well as validity of certificate of origin, rules of origin and criteria and conditions for utilizing tariff preferences under various FTAs.
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