Somruekarn Wongsaroj

Somruekarn Wongsaroj

Customs & Supply Chain

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Ms. Somruekarn Wongsaroj

provides assistance on research and data compliance relating to international trade, cross borders transactions, customs rules and regulations compliance and other customs matters, such as valuation, tariff code classification, duty refunds, development of FTA in Thailand, customs privileges and Board of Investment (“BOI”) regulations and privileges. She has worked on customs review and audit projects. She also assists clients to define customs exposure, identify import duty and excise tax liabilities, and recommend measures to minimize such liabilities. In addition, she advises clients on optimizing Customs and BOI privileges, as well as assists in the application of such privileges, including ensuring that reporting to the Customs Department and BOI complies with the Customs rules and regulations and BOI requirements. 


Master Degree in Economics, Finance and Management, Bristol University, UK
Master Degree in Industrial Strategy and Trade Policy, University of Manchester, UK.
Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Assumption University, Thailand


English, Thai

Relevant Experience

Customs Compliance & Advisory

  • Prepared manuals on operational procedures for several clients in export processing zone (“EPZ”) and/or customs free zone (“CFZ”) to assist them to comply with relevant laws and regulations for the export processing zone and/or customs free zone (e.g., inventory control, criteria for establishment and operating, application procedure for establishing/operating in the EPZ/CFZ and procedures for importing/exporting goods into and out of the EPZ/CFZ.
  • Created a manual on the use of tariff preferential under Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement (“TAFTA”) and the use of customs duty reduction privilege for goods removed from the export processing zone for domestic sale for a major electronics manufacturer located in the export processing zone (covering criteria of eligibility for tax privilege, flow charts, application procedures, and supporting documents to apply for the tax privileges).
  • Prepared a manual on export and import procedures, customs privileges for import and export, customs dispute and settlement procedures, preferential tariff privileges, and customs compliance checkpoints for a subsidiary of Japanese multinational in Thailand in order to ensure its compliance to custom laws and regulations and proper use of import and export privileges without customs risks.
  • Conducted a customs review for clients in various industries (particularly, automotive, chemicals, electronics, and steels) to ensure their compliance with customs requirements and identify risk exposures.
  • Prepared reports and presentations on customs review for the clients to report on customs risks exposures and provide suggestions or remedies for such risks.
  • Prepared presentations on various customs topics for educating and training the clients in the seminars or workshops.
  • Participated in review and assessment on the controlling systems of the entire Public Customs Bonded Warehouse in Thailand.
  • Coordinated with customs and excise officers on requests for excise tax refund with the Excise Department through the Ministry of Finance and State Council.
  • Participated in writing several reports relating to customs and excise taxes in Thailand, including Thailand’s Tobacco Excise Tax Study 1995-2005, in particular studying and analyzing information on excise tax imposed on tobacco products.

International Business Expansion

  • Prepared a study on the investment (foreign investment restrictions, incentives, direct/indirect tax, double tax treaties, transfer pricing, etc.), customs (import/export procedures, import duties, excise tax, drawback, valuation, customs and BOI privileges, etc.), and other regulatory conditions (required business license, health and safety requirements, consumption/sale restrictions, advertising restrictions, etc.) relating to the establishment of different types of foreign business entities (e.g. representative office, branch office, distribution center, retailing, wholesaling) relating to the food & beverage industry in Thailand.

Trade Intelligence

  • Provided research relating to customs and free trade agreements between Thailand and other countries in several industries, such as automotive, tobacco, electronics and machinery industries.
  • Prepared a manual on the process of application for Rules of Origin Verification and application for certificate of origin
  • Researched data and prepared a short paper on overview of government procurement system in Thailand and on-going issues in the e-auction and government procurement system in Thailand to suggest recommendations for improvement.
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