What we do

         As globalization continues to grow and evolve, business operators today are faced with an ever increasing complexity of customs compliance requirements and international trade regulations which can be difficult to understand. Because of this, it is particularly important for importers to ensure that they duly process customs procedures in compliance with customs laws while at the same time leveraging on the opportunities for tax savings.

         Drawing on extensive customs knowhow and international trade expertise, our Customs team provides comprehensive and in-depth solutions on cross-border supply chain planning, investment, and trade and customs advisory services, particularly with regard to regulatory and compliance requirements relating to importation and exportation in many regions across the world, especially in Southeast Asia. Whether clients are planning or identifying alternative duty and tax savings through the use of Customs and BOI privileges or FTAs, seeking simplification of customs procedures, ensuring compliance with Customs and regulatory requirements, or seeking to develop useful techniques and strategies to defend and/or resolve disputes with various government authorities, we are strongly committed to assist our clients in achieving their goals.

Scope of Services

         Our key professionals bring to the table decades of expertise and hands-on experience in WTO/FTA compliance, customs compliance, customs audits, tariff classification, customs valuation, transfer pricing, duty drawback, import licensing requirements, country of origin, trade remedies measures, free trade agreements and other preferential tariff schemes. We maintain close contact with relevant government authorities, especially customs authorities in Thailand, and cultivate strategic networks with customs & trade experts across Asia.

Our major areas of service include but are not limited to the following:

Customs Advisory

Relevant customs regulatory on import & export procedures

Customs compliance & post-entry audit

Customs tariff classification

Customs valuation including duty implications of royalty payment and cross-border transactions, especially between related parties

Privileges with criteria and conditions under BOI and Customs Department, including Bonded Warehouse, Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT)’s
Free Zone, Customs Free Zone, 19 bis duty drawback, duty refund for re-export

FTAs regulatory & country of origin rules

Import license and permission requirements

Duty, VAT and excise tax implications of group trade transactions and proposed trade structures

Opportunities for duty & tax saving

Compliance & Post-Entry Audit

Identify risk on import and export transactions, including customs valuation, customs formality procedures, tariff classification, computation of import duty,
and reconciliation of payments made or received for import or export products

Highlight the exposures that clients should be aware of

Make recommendations to clients on improvements they can undertake, providing customized compliance guidelines to assist clients in minimizing their
Customs exposures

Defense and Advocacy

Identify the best approach to take when engaging the Customs authorities on specific customs matters, ensuring that the applicable evidence, documentation,
and/or justification is put forward to obtain the correct outcome and enhance tax

Establish a policy recommendation paper, focusing on the socio-economic impact of trade-related matters and advocate the appropriate recommendation through
our expertise in stakeholder engagement

What we do

         We assist our clients at every stage of the entire business operation lifecycle, from first establishing a new entity right through to dissolution. Our services include, for example, choosing legal entities, obtaining licenses and permissions, and reviewing commercial agreements. When necessary, we are also available to help clients deal with tax authorities on their behalf.

         In addition to Thailand, we also provide legal and tax service for businesses in CLMV countries (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam). Our specialties in these jurisdictions are in foreign-direct-investment matters and intellectual property rights.

In each case, we make every effort to understand our client’s particular needs so that we can then customize our approach according to their unique requirements. We do not view our relationship with clients as a lawyer-client relationship; rather we are business partners.

Scope of Services
Legal Services

Provide advice on establishing legal business entities as new branches, representative offices, and limited companies

Draft and review agreements related to company structure, e.g., shareholder agreement, joint venture agreement and share purchase agreement

Provide services to support the establishment of legal entities, including the preparation of applications and necessary documents and submitting these
documents to the relevant government agencies

Assist clients in obtaining necessary licenses and permissions, e.g., foreign business licenses and foreign business certificates

Assist clients in obtaining investment incentives from relevant government agencies, such as the Board of Investment

Obtain Work Permit & Visa

Provide corporate secretarial services, e.g., prepare necessary documents for board of directors and shareholder meetings

Draft and review commercial agreements, such as sale and purchase agreements, distributorship agreements, technology transfer agreements, confidentiality
agreements, and intellectual property licensing agreements

Advise on employment and labor issues, e.g., termination of employment and work rules & regulations

Provide advice related to intellectual property protection in CLMV countries, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, China, India, Bangladesh and the
UAE as well as filing trademark applications, prosecuting trademark applications
for the purpose of registration, filing applications for copyright recorders, and
filing applications for the registration of trademark licensing agreements

Advise on legal issues and processes related to the liquidation and dissolution of legal entities, including the process of remitting residual assets and investment to
investors or shareholders

Tax Services

Advise on corporate income tax, value added tax, withholding tax, specific business tax and stamp duty

Advise on personal income tax as well as personal income tax for expatriates

Provide tax planning for juristic persons and natural persons

Advise on tax implication of inter-company transactions, international tax and double taxation treaties, permanent establishment, and royalty fees

Assist clients in dealing with tax authorities in connection with the challenges raised by the tax authorities

Past Experiences

Successfully advised several clients on the establishment of legal entities in Thailand

Advised and obtained foreign business licenses for clients in industries that include trading, automotive parts and industrial equipment

Advised and obtained investment promotion for construction materials, automotive parts and entertainment businesses

Provided legal advice to one of the leading US automotive manufacturers regarding business spin off

Provided legal advice related to labor issues and termination of employment to several clients including one of the leading airplane manufacturers

Assisted one of the leading electronic manufacturers in dealing with the tax authorities concerning VAT issues in connection with a Customs Free Zone

Provided tax advice in connection with withholding tax and allocation expenses for several management agreements between companies in the same group,
including one of the leading European automotive parts manufacturers

Provided tax advice related to the payments from Thai legal entities to other countries as to whether such payments are considered as business profit or

Rendered tax advice related to corporate income tax to the manufacturer of one of the leading dairy products in connection with permissible and impermissible

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What we do

         Effective and efficient supply chain management is a key factor for business success, particularly in the face of increasingly intense international competition. At Bolliger & Company, we understand that managing a company’s supply chain effectively requires due consideration of the competition, economic situation and regulatory landscape.

         We can align your global supply chain with our customs and international trade expertise to deliver tailored business solutions that create added value and sustainable competitive advantages for your business.

With a proven track record that covers multiple industries, we have the hands-on experience and in-depth insights to help you elaborate an optimal plan that will maximize tax savings and enhance operational efficiency across trade blocs.   With our expertise, the global supply chain need no longer be complicated for your company.

Scope of Services

Drawing from years of experience, we work closely with our clients on various types of supply chain planning. Our practice includes but is not limited to:

Supply chain planning and strategies

Customs & tax privileges study

Customs tariff classification

Duty and tax implications on contemplated business scenarios

Duty and cost saving opportunities

Redesign of business process and supply chain to align with future business change

Improvement of inventory control system and realignment of inventory ownership

Simplification of business transactions and processes

Foreign Investment planning and implementation

Review of business operations and documents for compliance with Customs and other regulatory requirements

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