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As globalization continues to grow and evolve, business operators today are faced with an ever increasing complexity of customs compliance requirements and international trade regulations which can be difficult to understand...   We assist our clients at every stage of the entire business operation lifecycle, from first establishing a new entity right through to dissolution. Our services include, for example, choosing legal entities, obtaining licenses and permissions, and reviewing commercial agreements....   Effective and efficient supply chain management is a key factor for business success, particularly in the face of increasingly intense international competition...   Private companies turn to us when they need a strategy that can help them react to changes in the business landscape. Government agencies seek our advice when they would like to create better policy...

Insights & Seminars
Focus group on "The Impact of Customs Duty Drawback Scheme under the Context of Trade with the EU" (morning session)
Invited session on "AEC and the Readiness of Thailand's ICT Sector" for the executives of CAT Telecom
Latest Trade Digest
BOI approves new seven-year investment plan aimed at sustainable development
Tax Reform to Increase Long-term Efficiency in Collection
Ministry of Finance intending to collect excise taxes on ready-to-drink green tea, coffee and sugar-added beverages
Client Testimonials
“The advices we received from the team are useful and highly valuable. Not only do they help us a great deal in cost saving..."
"The analyses provided by the firm are very detailed and, most importantly, relevant to our policy objectives..."
"Their advices from when we wished to apply for the Customs Free Zone (CFZ) toward when we succesfully sold our first car were ..."


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